Craigslist Fake Check Scam

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Ripples from China’s woes swaying Miami


Although Greece’s debt crisis and China’s volatile stock market are phenomena occurring thousands of miles away, Miami’s increasingly global business and financial communities feel the ripple effects of issues toying with the global economy. Read more >

Duff & Phelps expands abroad with American Appraisal

The Deal Pipeline

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Ranjini Chandirakanthan to Serve as Moderator for Miami Finance Forum Event


Mapping Miami’s Financial Future: An insight into South Florida’s hottest Emerging Sectors (Feb. 4)

This half-day forum will provide critical insights on emerging economic sectors in Miami and feature thought leaders who will present and discuss important issues, opportunities and trends in the media and technology sectors. Read more >

How middle-market companies can enhance employer brand 


Middle-market companies with strong employer brands stand to make greater financial gains than those with less-defined employer brands. Read more >

Are Evaluations Commoditizing?


A question raised with increasing frequency this past year is: Are valuations of middle market businesses becoming commoditized? That is, if you have a business of a given size and industry, is it more likely now than at some point in the past to be valued within a narrower and more easily predicted range, often expressed as multiples of cash flow? Read more >